- Art is an abstraction; as you dream amid nature, extrapolate art from it, and concentrate on what you will create as a result. -

Paul Gauguin

Okay, so... Hany Essence began a long time ago (in how a nowadays time is perceived), at around 2005. The founder, we'll call her Lilly, because, well, that is her name, is a professional visual artist with a huge love of nature, natural botanical scents, naturally derived pigments, natural - handmade things. So when she doesn't sculpt or make public art installations this is her heart and soul food. Her place of a very personal magic.

With (her)our team, we strive to make 100% natural and artistic soaps, perfumes and probably other everyday-inspiring items in the future, as we go. Please join us in our all-things-natural-and-handmade exploration.

Oh, and HANY is an acronym of Harmony ~ Art ~ Nature = You

And, if you are wondering, we are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in a cyber realm at the moment (but our products are real), with brick-and-mortar store hopefully in the near, Covid-free future.

Also, don't be surprised if we sometimes change the design and look of our typography on website or on our products as we don't like the status quo, we like to evolve, we like dynamic and change.

A rolling stone gathers no moss... (although we do like moss, it is beautiful and velvety, with a fantastic color range, especially the ones you can find in Iceland for example.)